Environmental, social and governance

Let us improve the ESG rating for your supply chain. Source low impact material with the team.

Tap into procure circular to improve ESG rating for your supply chain and access ESG reporting for all your materials.

ESG reporting - Our data driven B2B SaaS platform connects buyers who are interested in improving their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) footprint to accredited suppliers of sustainable and circular materials. These materials improve the ESG standards of their supply chains, by improving the traceability and “sustainable/circular” footprint of the end-consumer products.

At ProcureCircular, we believe in the power of sustainability to create a brighter future for businesses, without harming the planet. Our commitment to ESG principles drives us to create stronger and cleaner supply chains for businesses through the sourcing of low impact materials. Our clients also use our innovative platform to recirculate them back into the market. Our circular economy model focuses on reducing waste, promoting recycling, and upcycling materials, making ProcureCircular a circular model.

By opting to create a marketplace with low impact materials, we aim to significantly contribute towards protecting ecosystems, preserving natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the materials industry.

We adhere to the main industry reporting standards and frameworks, helping us to make both our projects and our clients adapt to stringent ESG reporting and mapping.