About us

We connect buyers with sellers accelerating access to materials that improve the environmental footprint of an end-product.

Material which improve the traceability and ‘sustainable’ / ‘circular’ footprint of the end-consumer products.

ProcureCircular sources for brands and manufacturers from a hand-selected listing of vendors, vendors who adhere to the highest levels of sustainability. The company works with manufacturers to obtain the best fabrics available for the required project, and to better substantiate claims of sustainability by working with the source to provide the respective environmental data with the material.

The organisation works in finding materials with a low to negative carbon footprint and working with brands and manufacturers to create collections with a significantly improved environmental footprint, often saving customers on cost and achieving an improved ESG scoring as a result.

Who is ProcureCircular for?

Fabric / Garment Manufacturers

  • Supply industry with excess materials from your supply chain. List end of run / deadstock fabric.
  • Commit to zero-waste supply chain. Practice circular procurement.
  • Allow manufacturers to close the loop for their production.

Brands / Retailers

  • Find materials and suppliers of accredited low impact material.
  • ESG metrics attributed with the fabric.
  • Communication of sustainability / ESG for end-products.

Why ProcureCircular

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The team

Management & Account Managers

Jordanna Marshall
Omi Ducat
Renata Reis
Tom Rickey
Commercial Director
Teesta Mukherjee
ESG Insights and Partnerships Manager
Edwin Gu
Business Director
Elisabeth Chen
Business Director
Michał Kozicki
Head of Design
Filip Jakubowski
Technology Lead


Victoria Cobos
Strategic Advisor
Marina Bradford
Strategic Advisor
Fran Van Dijk
Strategic Advisor

Original Founders

Renata Reis
Original Founder
Matthieu De Carbonnel
Account Manager
Azaa Ulziitogtokh
Account Manager
Jordanna Marshall
Account Manager

Our vision

A tool to accelerate industry’s transition to sustainable footprint, where the environment is fully taken into account with every business decision made.

Our mission

To connect buyers with sellers aligned with the interest of advancing to more circular business models. Accelerating access to materials that improve the environmental footprint of an end-product.